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Jodi Chowen

Jodi Chowen Pic

Managing Director

Contact Information:
(801) 422-7255

Why I love working here
I love that BYU is about the whole-person development of individuals and that everything we do can be “bathed in the light of the gospel.” We get to talk about, plan, and experience learning that is intellectually enlarging, spiritually strengthening, character-building, and which inspires life-long learning and service. I get to work with great people who have a depth of experience and knowledge that I learn from every day. I hope to pay forward in some small way the gift of personal development I experienced as an undergraduate student.

Quote I live by:
“I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Advice for Students:
You don’t have to know every detail of your life right now. One of my favorite career theories is “planned happenstance.” Planned happenstance teaches us that every opportunity we have, whether planned or unplanned, can provide learning that may open doors we never before considered. At some point you may likely find yourself in a situation you didn’t intend; maybe an internship didn’t come through or you didn’t get in to a major you applied for. Take heart and keep moving forward as best as you can. It may be that an alternative path is a better fit for you, but you may not realize it until you are down the road a good distance and look back. This kind of journeying isn’t easy. Stop and prayerfully ask, “What am I to learn from this? What shall I do? What is Thy will?” Have a plan, be flexible with your plan, and have good fun along the way.

Favorite BYU Ice Cream Flavor:
Strawberry Sunday Crunch: it’s a strawberry version of Graham Canyon

What I love doing when I’m not at work:
Doing things with my family: staying current on movies, eating out, going to sporting events. I love to be in the mountains; especially walking or hiking. Also working on my doctorate which has a focus on college student thriving and college student success.