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Andrea Merriman

Andrea Merriman

Career Director: Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Cyber Security, IT, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Facilities & Property Management

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(801) 422-6901 | 246N EB
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Why I love working here:
I love working at an organization with a mission I believe in. I love working with good people who care about our mission and those we serve. And I LOVE getting to meet with students. I am absolutely inspired by the students I meet! I learn something that makes me better, literally, from every person I come in contact with on this campus. I have been so blessed by those who cared about me, taught me, and served me when I was student here, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to attempt to do the same for the students of today.

Quote I live by:
"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. Twenty six times I have been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over again in my life-and that is why I succeed." –Michael Jordan

Advice for Students:
It’s ironic, since I work to build relationships with employers and to help students transition from their higher education experience to the workplace, but my advice is: don’t be afraid of getting fired—and if you never get fired, consider firing yourself! Jobs may be downsized, you may not have the same vision as your corporate leadership, you may be asked to compromise your integrity, you may realize you’re passionate about something completely different than what you’ve been doing, but know that walking away, whether involuntarily or voluntarily, may be the best thing you ever do. Studies have shown that people who are fired usually end up in a better position than they were before. Beyond that, life can “fire” us through adversity and heart-breaking challenges we have to overcome, but we’ve got to conquer them, and choose to let our difficult experiences make us better. It can take incredible courage to “fire yourself”, to make the adjustments and corrections you need to make, and to press forward in faith to become who and what God wants and needs you to be.

Favorite BYU Ice Cream Flavor:
Pralines & Caramel

What I love doing when I’m not at work:
Spending time with my family, riding my bike, reading, watching movies, walking my BIG dogs (or having them walk me, I should say! I have a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Great Pyranees), traveling, and researching, writing and speaking on my two “passion” subjects: Ethics & Integrity, and Resilience.