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University Career Services (UCS) offers students from all majors several key resources to help them on their career journey. The mission of UCS is:

“To empower students and alumni to achieve their career goals, strategically connect employers with academic disciplines, and coordinate career initiatives at BYU and with the greater BYU professional network.”

UCS is committed to helping students build their personal awareness of their skills, values, and interests and arming them with the tools they need to find success in their career journeys. A fundamental part of this effort is for faculty and UCS staff to work together so that students are aware of and use the resources available to them.

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Services for Students How Faculty Help
Career Studio Data About Recent Graduates
One-on-One Appointments with Career Directors Employer Connections
Career Strategies 317 Course (ST DEV 317) Classroom Presentations
Handshake Co-Host Career Events
Career Fairs, Information Sessions, Career Treks, and other Career Events Sponsored by UCS Classroom Assignments
Career and Personality Assessments
Recruiter Resources
Contact Information


Services for Students

Students should start thinking about their careers from their very first semester on campus. Employer research shows that the earlier students add work experience, internships, mentored research, volunteer work, and other leadership opportunities to their background, the more likely they are to have meaningful job options as they graduate.

Often, students spend a lot of time considering what major or minor to pursue and they sometimes forget to consider how that major will influence their career path. Many are also unaware of the job opportunities available and need help learning to research industries, companies, and the marketplace. Therefore, it is important that they connect with University Career Services (UCS) to build their knowledge base and skills.


Career Studio

This is a walk-in, “no appointment necessary” resource for resume reviews, mock interviewing, cover letters and career search guidance that will be available beginning fall 2017 in WSC 2590.


One-on-One Appointments with Career Directors

UCS has full-time Career Directors who stay abreast of job search best practices, employment trends, and professional principles that increase one’s hiring potential. Meeting one-on-one with a Career Director is often an important opportunity for students in their sophomore through senior years who are struggling with career decisions or need resources to move forward in their job search. Career Directors can assist students with internship options, networking strategies, and social media best practices (i.e. LinkedIn). They also help students find answers related to industry questions. Each Career Director works with students from specific colleges, using empirical data, career/job search best practices, and industry trends/information to give students the best possible guidance.


Career Strategies 317 Course (ST DEV 317)

Career Strategies is a two-credit course that offers guided assessment of individual skills, interests, and values as well as hands-on career work including resume development, interviewing, job/industry research, etc. In end of semester surveys, many students who take this class state they wish it were a required course and that they had taken it earlier in their academic career because the information and experiences are invaluable to them.



Handshake is BYU’s online recruiting and job board system that contains over 9500 employers who post thousands of jobs and internship opportunities each year. Employers register to use Handshake because they are interested in recruiting BYU students. Likewise, students (and alumni) can create profiles, upload resumes, research companies, and apply for jobs/internships.


Career Fairs, Information Sessions, Career Treks, and other Career Events Sponsored by UCS

Students and faculty should visit Handshake on a frequent basis to find the career calendar of events planned for each semester. UCS sponsors large career fairs for general and STEM majors each semester. They also host hundreds of Information Sessions with employers from all industries. These opportunities, along with Career Treks (onsite visits to employers), give students a chance to learn first-hand about what employers are looking for, network with recruiters, and often lead to excellent job opportunities.


Career and Personality Assessments

UCS administers career and personality assessments with follow-up discussions led by certified professionals. These tools give students a better understanding of themselves and help guide career exploration. More info →


Recruiter Resources

UCS has a BYU Cougar “Recruiter Den” stocked with goodies and pleasantries adjacent to 17 interview rooms – making it a comfortable place for employers to interview. Hundreds of interviews take place on campus each year, a tremendous advantage and convenience for BYU students.


Contact Information

Students can call 801-422-6535 or email byucareerservices@byu.edu to make appointments with Peer Mentors or Career Directors. Faculty are also always welcome to drop in for a tour or training of UCS resources.


How Faculty Help

Many university faculty members are already making a concerted effort to help students think about future employment. UCS staff would love to partner more with faculty and combine forces to help students receive the best possible guidance and resources as they pursue their future career goals. Building an even stronger career-focus on campus will set BYU apart and help students achieve the university’s mission to “go forth and serve.”


Data about Recent Graduates

UCS collects data on recent graduates. Faculty can contact Career Directors for information regarding the specific details and statistics of graduates from their colleges including:

  • Post Graduate Plans (Graduate School, Employment, etc.)
  • Employers of Graduates
  • Graduate Schools
  • Salaries
  • Geographic Destinations
  • Percent Employed vs. Still Seeking
  • Percent Requesting Career Assistance


Employer Connections

UCS works diligently to make connections with employers and alumni who want to hire students for internships and part/full-time employment during school and after graduation. To do this, UCS facilitates career fairs, information sessions, on-campus interviews and other creative strategies requested by faculty, students, and employers. Faculty can help with this effort by creating a list of their professional contacts and sharing those with Career Directors so that students have access to people working in the fields they want to pursue.


Classroom Presentations

One of the best ways to familiarize students with UCS resources is to invite Career Directors to do classroom presentations. Presentations can be as brief as 5-10 minute overviews of UCS resources to taking part or full class periods and having Career Directors teach key career principles. Professors who want to schedule these presentations can submit an online request. Some topics for consideration include:

  • Best practices in conducting internship/job searches
  • Tailoring resumes to be more marketable
  • Writing compelling cover letters
  • How to prepare for and have an effective interview
  • Building an employer-based social media presence
  • Networking and building professional connections
  • Navigating career fairs, information sessions, and other job events


Co-Host Career Events

If faculty have ideas of how or who to outreach in an effort to help students find great work opportunities and they need resources or support, they can contact their college’s Career Director to partner on events like guest panels, career treks, career-skills boot camps, career symposia, and alumni days. Wherever possible, Career Directors will do their best to help build out and facilitate these efforts.


Classroom Assignments

Career Directors are happy to work with faculty to come up with ways to add a career focus to curriculum. Some ideas/assignments include:

  • Create a resume and have it reviewed by peer mentors in University Career Services
  • Create a professional LinkedIn profile
  • Complete the entire Handshake student profile and account and upload a professional resume (so that employers can find students)
  • Conduct an informational interview with professionals who are doing what the student wants to do and summarize key learnings as well as write a thank you note
  • Come to UCS for a tour of the new Career Studio and learn about a specified number of resources (this could also be done together as a class)
  • Ask the Career Director to supply/co-create career-related slides that are shown at the beginning of class