Reach Program


What is the REACH Program?

The REACH (Reaching Educational And Career Hopes) Program, a service of Brigham Young University, assists students with disabilities in making the transition from university life to the world of employment. This transition is an exciting process of career exploration and development, which should begin early in the educational process. Students should explore their interests relating to their academic studies, choose a major which balances their interests with their employment options, identify skills gained from their studies or other life experiences, and learn how to communicate those skills to market themselves to prospective employers. The REACH Program will aid in facilitating these explorative measures, as well as assist in the following:

  • Search for jobs & internships
  • Review application materials (i.e., resumes, cover letters, references, etc.)
  • Develop strategies for building strong networks
  • Determine methods & timing of disability disclosure
  • Understand how to request workplace accommodations

Students who are interested in furthering their career exploration are invited to contact the REACH Program Manager, Tyler Briggs.

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