Faculty – Class Assessments

What Career Assessments are available?

We currently offer the following three assessments for your students:

  • SII – Strong Interest Inventory
  • MBTI – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • TypeFocus

Please click here for specific information on each assessment.

Class Procedures for Strong Interest Inventory and Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Requests

If you want your class to take the Strong or the MBTI students can now take these assessments online from any computer, and we will bill their student account. Here’s how it works:

Requesting the Strong or MBTI for Your Class:

  • As the instructor, you will need to request the assessments for your class before the semester begins in order to ensure we have adequate inventory on hand. Please make your request at least three business days before the first day of the semester or block in which you are teaching.
  • Complete the form at the following link to let us know which assessment(s) you are requiring your students to take and the date when you would like to pick up the printed results: careerassessments.byu.edu
  • Please note: if you are requesting an assessment for a class that is not part of Student Development, you’ll also need to e-mail a spreadsheet with your class roll (student names, IDs, and e-mail addresses) to careerstudio@byu.edu so we can generate an e-mail to your students with a link to take the assessment(s). Your students will not receive the assessment link until we’ve received your class roll.

Taking the Assessments:

  • As a reminder, the MBTI costs students $17, and the Strong costs $10. Students’ university account will be billed for the cost of the assessment(s) you are requiring.
  • The day after the semester add/drop deadline, we will generate an e-mail to your entire class informing them of the charge to their student account and providing them with a link to the appropriate assessment.
  • Once your students have taken the required assessment(s), we will print the results and place them in a folder for your class.
  • Instructors can pick up their class results at the Career Services front desk, 2590 WSC, after the assessment due date. (Please give us at least 1-2 business days to allow for printing time.)

Assessment Interpretations:

  • Please note that for class assessments we cannot accommodate individual interpretations. Instructors must arrange for an individual who is certified in Strong or MBTI to do a group interpretation during class. For help with this, please contact the director of the University Advisement Center (801-422-3826) to arrange for a group interpretation.

Special Cases:

  • Occasionally you may have a student who has already taken an assessment for another class and can bring their results to class for your group interpretation. Those students will have a week to contact Career Services (422-6535) to let us know about their circumstances before their account is billed. Worst case scenario: they can request a reversal of the charge if they don’t catch it before the billing occurs.


  • Please contact us at 801-422-6535, and we’ll be happy to help.