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BYU Connect is a tool like LinkedIn but with only BYU-affiliated participants: alumni, students, faculty, and friends of BYU. BYU Connect was created with the purpose of facilitating professional mentoring and networking opportunities within the BYU community.

What can BYU Connect do for you?
BYU Students
BYU Alumni
Friends of BYU

For BYU Students

Expand your network now and find a mentor! With its ever-increasing database of BYU alumni, BYU Connect can help you find an alum in your field of interest, broaden your perspective and make vital career decisions.

  • Expand your network and build friendships with BYU alumni
  • Discuss goals and aspirations with mentors
  • Join college and club groups and engage with others in your industry of interest
  • Access career resources and become involved in the world-wide discussion board
How To: BYU Connect

For BYU Alumni

Reminisce and reconnect with your college days by serving as a mentor to a current student. You can talk in-person, over the phone, or virtually through a video calling system on the platform. Expand your professional network by connecting with other alumni in your region or industry

  • Mentor and uplift current BYU students
  • Post opportunities for experienced jobs, post a referral, or apply for current available positions
  • Become a member of an alumni group/regional chapter
  • Network with other alumni, friends of BYU, and employers

For Employers

BYU Connect is the perfect place to find qualified BYU graduates for your company’s positions. Post experienced jobs and find alumni through the Explore the Community page.

  • Post experienced (college graduate) jobs for BYU alumni and Friends of BYU

For Friends of BYU

Are you an avid BYU fan, but didn’t graduate from the Y? Please join us on BYU Connect and have a voice in the community!

  • Mentor and guide students to become successful professional leaders
  • Expand your network

For Students of Other Church Schools

BYU also invites students from BYU-Idaho, BYU-Hawaii, and Ensign College to join BYU Connect.

  • Other Church School Current Students are welcome to join and connect within the BYU community

Do you have a community that would benefit from a space where users can find one another, answer discussion questions, have access to your resources, and see events?

A BYU Connect group is a gathering place for users from the same club, class, alumni chapter, or organization.

A typical group page will look something like this:


If you are interested in creating a group, please contact: